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Autonomous Customer 2021 research

Our new research delves into the changing behaviours and needs of today’s customer and contact centre agents and how they are adapting to our more digital way of life.

Meaningful connection is becoming increasingly important as brands and retailers rapidly move online to meet the demand of millions of new digital customers. The contact centre is pivotal to delivering an outstanding and seamless customer experience, but how are contact centre agents coping with this sudden shift? 

For the first time, our global research asks contact centre agents about their experiences so that we can help businesses move past survival to a thriving future. 

Our research reveals five key findings:
1.    Customer expectations are now higher than ever.
2.    Customers aren’t willing to compromise over convenience, choice or security. 
3.    Because of this, the pressure on staff in contact centres is only increasing.
4.    Most contact centres still aren’t properly equipped, and agents now want remote working capabilities.
5.    Smart, pre-emptive services are the future of contact centres.

To find out more, download our full research on the Autonomous Customer.

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