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Analyst Report, 2021

IDC Infobrief

New paper by IDC explores how to successfully deploy Industry 4.0.
Successfully deploying Industry 4.0 means global manufacturers can significantly reduce their costs and downtime, while at the same time increasing their productivity.

IDC, the global provider of market intelligence and advisory services, has recently published an Infobrief paper - Unboxing the “Black Box” — Turning Factory Operations Into a “Crystal Box”.

Download the paper to find out how to address the challenges of Industry 4.0 and drill into detail on how:
  • factory operations need to become more transparent and make data available across  their ecosystem
  • to accelerate data capacity and speed using 5G
  • greater use of edge computing and augmented reality can make a difference
  • overcoming barriers, such as lack of trust and cross-worker collaboration are critical.

Download the IDC Infobrief