Industry 4.0: Breaking the Barriers to Scaling Webinar

To get Industry 4.0 right you need infrastructure that’s reliable and adequately protected against cyberattacks. You also need the right people to help you overcome the challenges of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) convergence.

A number of manufacturers are piloting their digital solutions but they often struggle to scale these from isolated experiments to mainstream ways of working. They can’t quantify the return on investment quickly enough or they experience trust issues between their IT and OT teams.

Together with our partner, Cisco, we recently held a webinar to explore how to overcome the barriers to scaling. We also shared how we’ve successfully delivered digital manufacturing to our customers. Industry 4.0: Breaking the barriers is available now as a replay.



  1. Brian Lappin, Senior Manager, DyNS Connect Services Platform

  2. Andrew Jobson, global channel lead BT Channel, Cisco

  3. José Gastey, Director Manufacturing, BT

  4. Stephen Goodman, global sales segments and industries – CTO Office, Cisco

  5. Andy Rowland, Head of Digital Manufacturing , BT

  6. Michael O’Malley, IoT technical solutions architect, Cisco