Datasheet, August 2021

When private cloud is the right choice

Public cloud isn’t right for every situation, and more and more organisations are opting for private cloud. 

What are Private Cloud services?

Public cloud adoption has grown substantially as entire workforces have moved to the home office. But for many, it’s far from the default choice thanks to concerns with cloud security, business-critical application performance, and the complexity and time associated with refactoring traditional customer applications.

Private Cloud is an end-to-end solution that allows you to take full advantage of the agility and automation of public cloud, with the performance, security, and predictability you’re used to from a private data centre.

It’s unique in its ability to provide choice to our customers, putting you in control of your IT delivery supply chain. You can choose your hosting location (on-premise, BT-hosted or via a third party), select modular technology stacks, pick a suitable commercial consumption model, and choose from a variety of add-on services including security, professional services, and managed services.


How does our Private Cloud management work ?

Designed with complex global networks in mind, Private Cloud returns localised cloud-like services to the business, while we take care of all infrastructure and platform management. This frees up your IT teams to work on revenue-generating innovation and opens up opportunities to get greater value from your cloud budget.

It's an end-to-end solution. Our platform is a reliable, flexible foundation to support cloud-like delivery of your business-critical applications. With infrastructure from Dell Technologies, cloud integration from VMware, and our managed service wrap taking care of all day-to-day running, you get the best of hybrid cloud in one trusted package.


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The barriers to public cloud

Not all customer workloads can make the move to public cloud because of key factors such as:

•    The complexity and cost of migration
•    The cost of refactoring traditional applications
•    Specific performance requirements
•    Security and regulatory conditions
•    Potential bill shock and a higher total cost of ownership (TCO) for public clouds when it comes to managing traditional applications.

In fact, many organisations have tried out public cloud, but then decided to revert to private cloud.


“85% of IT decision makers have repatriated workloads from the public cloud to ensure security and performance.”  
IDC CloudPulse Q119


Is Private Cloud a better match for your needs?

Opting for our Private Cloud solution could be right for your organisation if you’re up against these challenges: 

•    High data centre operational costs
•    Legacy applications that are complex, expensive and time consuming to move to public cloud
•    Difficulties in securing capex investment
•    Limited internal IT capabilities 
•    A need for greater security than public cloud can offer.


Private Cloud delivers clear benefits

Going down a private cloud route with BT supports your organisation in multiple ways:

•    Removes hybrid cloud complexity while preserving your autonomy and control
•    Accelerates your innovation with Dell and VMware technology
•    Improves cloud economics with a flexible commercial model and pricing
•    Provides unified data access to eradicate silos
•    Simplifies the management of thousands of virtual machines
•    Offers easy expansion into public infrastructure
•    Improves security and reliability.

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