A view from the front line of security: how to win against the attackers webinar

A spotlight session by Steve Benton, BT Deputy CISO and Director, Protect BT


In a world of evolving threats, today’s cyber landscape is increasingly challenging. Over the past 18 months these cyber risks have been heightened by the accelerated adoption of mass remote working and migration to the cloud. The ways that people access data, the locations that they do so from, and where their data is stored have all become massively more complex. In combination with this, recent cyber incidents have fundamentally changed how we consider our risks.

Steve Benton joined us at the Irish Cyber Security Summit to share his insight on how to protect your organisations from cyber attackers, with recommendations for how to stay on the front foot with a human firewall.

Watch his webinar to explore these four key insights:
  • How to transform your defences in a world of evolving cyber threats
  • How BT secure their own network to protect themselves and their customers from 6,500 cyber-attacks every day
  • The attacker perspective of a cyber attack
  • Addressing some the most common attack types seen this year

Watch our webinar.


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