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Aron Ralston
New York Times bestselling author and
subject of Academy Award nominated film 127 Hours

Times of crisis demand revolutionary thinking and extraordinary action. So, we're here to help with an innovation event designed to move your business forward. Join us to hear from those who've used innovative thinking to overcome the most extraordinary challenges.

  • 7th, January, 2021
  • Online
  • 14:00 - 16:00 GMT

Our Nextipedia symposium is run in conjunction with BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition, proudly sponsored and organised by BT for 21 years. 

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Aron Ralston

Subject of film 127 hours and author of "Between a rock and a hard place"

An ordinary man pushed to extraordinary limits. Hear Aron’s gripping story of how he had to do the unthinkable in a crisis, known for surviving a canyoneering accident by cutting off his own arm. Aron will take you inside the story that captured international headlines in which he proves that courage, perseverance and the human spirit can help you triumph over tough challenges when the stakes are extraordinary.

Introducing our exciting line-up of speakers

  • Aimee Louise Carton

    Leading well-being advocate and founder of KeepAppy

    Recognised as launching a “digital mental health revolution” Aimée is one of Ireland’s leading wellbeing advocates. Following a suicide attempt, she has used her pain and recovery to found Europe’s fastest growing wellness platform KeepAppy, the wellness app. Hear how Aimee is using her mental health journey to connect and empower individuals for good.

  • Jesse Dufton

    UK Paraclimber and subject of documentary “Climbing Blind”

    Jesse epitomises achievement and bravery in the face of adversity. Born severely sight impaired and now blind, he was advised as a child he may never be able to read or write but is now is ranked 4th globally in paraclimbing. Jesse has achieved incredible success in the academic and corporate spheres. Jesse’s talk will give insight into the mindset, problem-solving, and determination which underpin his successes.

  • Peter Turley

    Change-Maker and acclaimed motivational speaker

    “This is the way we have always done it” has become a brick wall in many companies, blocking innovation, experimentation and, in most cases, any chance of standing out from the crowd. In the age-old question – how do you stand out from the crowd? – Peter Turley brings an innovative new answer. You reinvent the wheel. And the great news is it’s easier than it sounds. Explore how you too can create an innovative culture in your organisation.

  • Dearbhail McDonald

    Journalist, broadcaster and Nextipedia MC

    An award-winning journalist, author and broadcaster. Dearbhail presented ‘Sunday with Dearbhail’ on BBC Radio Ulster. Known for being a well-informed and accomplished MC Dearbhail will bring our event to life in a uniquely engaging way.

  • Shay Walsh

    Managing Director of BT Ireland

    This year has seen businesses working hard to hold steady during the pandemic, working their IT assets hard to support new ways of working. Shay will talk about how we are helping customers navigate their way through the challenges they’ve faced and how innovation is helping deliver stability during this uncertain time.

  • Bas Burger

    Chief Executive Officer of BT Global

    As CEO of BT Global, Bas manages a division that powers multinational’s through their digital transformation. Bas will talk about the impact the pandemic has had on the industry, the evolving customer demands we are encountering and how we are helping our customers stay connected.