It’s time to look again at your ICT security
Building a thriving future is only possible if you’ve got the right security essentials in place.

With new cybersecurity threats emerging every day and an organisation that doesn’t stand still, how can you be sure you’re protected? 

It’s time to look again at your cybersecurity to find and close the gaps in your defences. With a wide, comprehensive portfolio of products from the world’s leading vendors and a large team of highly skilled security experts, we can help you protect your organisation from emerging threats. 

Figuring out the right technology choices for your business and incorporating them effectively is a big challenge. We’re ready to bring together expertise from across BT to craft your ideal end-to-end solution.

Why BT for ICT security?

A trusted partner with unbeatable connections 
Digital security that works, starts with the partnerships, intelligence and expertise to drive the right decisions. Our dedicated team of experts will help you cut through the complexity. They’ll offer advice and support on the best solutions for your organisation, so you can transform your IT with confidence. We’ll bring on board industry-leading technology partners like Trend Micro, Cisco, Fortinet, F5, Palo Alto, Riverbed Technology, Proofpoint and Check Point to tailor your ICT security. 



Make sure your security fundamentals are fit for purpose

Every organisation looking to build an agile, thriving future needs these six key types of security: 

  1. Firewall security: To protect your most important assets.
  2. Endpoint security: To provide cloud-based protection for smart devices on your network endpoints. 
  3. Network access security: To achieve 100% device visibility across all your IP endpoints.
  4. Cloud security: To protect all your users, including those within your corporate network as well as mobile and distributed workers.
  5. Back-up services: To protect your data on different devices across your entire estate. 
  6. DDoS security: To automatically detect rogue traffic and protect your network. 

Get in touch to find out more about how we can help you protect your organisation against whatever security threats are on the horizon. 


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